Electronic access system




  1. To lock, simply insert the Meissner cardkey into the slot until an audible click is heard.
  2. Depressing the lever handle will engage the deadbolt to lock the system.
  3. The cardkey is ejected when the system is locked. The same sequence of action unlocks the door.



Available in an assortment of colors, the plastic panel on the front escutcheon of the Meissner can be customised with logos and designs.


The escutcheon, made of stainless steel, is available in a spectrum of finishes. Highly durable, it retains its luster without much maintenance.

Engraving of logos and designs is possible upon request.


A variety of lever handle with various designs and finishes is available for your selection.


Providing a combination of 635 million, the Meissner system of  Sub-Master, Keyed-Alike, Maison and, Construction.

  • The unique structure of the Meissner lock, coupled with the fact that it is totally mechanical, gives it a higher degree of weather resistance.
  • The Meissner can be used externally, exposed to the elements.
Thumb – Turn

From the inside, operation of the deadbolt will be by means on the thumb-turn. The lever handle will activate the lock’s latchbolt.


Replacement of Meissner Card Reader
  • The card-reader can be easily replaced by removing the two internal screws.
  • Access is through the plastic cover located on the inside escutcheon panel.
  • In the event of a cardkey is lost, security can be immediately restored by replacing the card-reader.


Prevention of Unauthorized entry
  • The Meissner is designed to be pick-proof.
  • The card-reader is developed with the magnetic pins and haul plate configuration to prevent the pins from being interfered with.


The Cardkey


The Meissner cardkey is made of an exclusive material that is scarcely demagnetized and has a remarkable durability when compared with conventional magnetic cardkeys. It is practically impossible to copy a Meissner cardkey other than in Showa’s factory.

Master Card (GGMK, GMK AND MK)

A hierarchy of key access can be achieved with the Meissner system: Great-Grand, Grand, aster keying. Different colors are used to denote different level of keying.

Cross Master Card (CRMK)

This card is used when accessing doors at locations which are under the control of different master key groups.

Custom Order Card

Cardkey with a factory punched hole for key holder is available upon request. Custom design with a project’s logo on either side of the cardkey is also possible.

Construction Card (CN)

Meissner locks can be operated with this card during the construction phase of the project. When a day or master cardkey is inserted, the construction cardkey becomes void automatically.

Magnetic Striped Card

Magnetic striped cardkey is available upon request for use with electronic swipe card systems.